Procurement of Printers, Scanners and related Supplies/Services - DPS 020/20

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has established a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the procurement – whether by outright purchase or by leasing – of printers and scanners by Government Departments and Public Sector Entities. The Central Purchasing Body for this DPS is the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA). The Contracting Authorities that can acquire supplies/services through this DPS are those listed in Schedule 1 (List of Contracting Authorities) of the Public Procurement Regulations.

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The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) has established a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for the purchase/leasing of scanners, printers and related supplies and maintenance services to be used by Government Departments and Entities.

MITA, as a Central Purchasing Body, shall be administering the DPS and evaluating those economic operators that meet the eligibility and selection criteria to be admitted to the DPS. All subsequent Specific Contracts shall be issued by the Contracting Authorities themselves.


Contracting Authorities listed in Schedule 1 of the Public Procurement Regulations may issue specific contracts related to the procurement (purchase/lease) of printers and scanners, including:

Stand-alone printers (monochrome/colour)

  • Multifunction printers
  • Network multifunction printers
  • Large-format printers
  • 3D printers
  • Stand-alone scanners (flatbed, sheetfed, book scanners)
  • Consumables such as toners, cartridges, and 3D printing material but excluding printing paper

Equipment shall be procured in line with the applicable National Green Public Procurement Standards where Imaging Devices are concerned.

All admitted participants to the DPS shall be invited to tender for each specific contract, in line with the provisions of the General Rules Governing Dynamic Purchasing Systems v1.1.

The value of each specific contract shall not exceed the value of €139,000 excluding VAT (Schedule 2 Contracting Authorities) and €250,000 (Schedule 3 and Schedule 16 Contracting Authorities) unless otherwise instructed by MITA.


The DPS shall remain established until the 16th September 2024 or until the budget available for the specific contracts has been utilized, whichever the earliest. 


The maximum estimated value of the specific contracts envisaged for the total term of this DPS, originally set at €500,000, has been revised in May 2021 to €1,000,000 excluding VAT. The maximum estimated value has been revised to €2,000,000 excluding VAT in November 2021. In February 2023, the maximum estimated value has been revised to €3,000,000 excluding VAT. In October 2023, the maximum estimated value has been revised to €4,000,000 excluding VAT.

Link to DPS

The EPPS link to the DPS is:

Guidelines and Templates



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Guidance Note for Contracting Authorities



DPS Overview (Infographic)



Specific Contract Template (Under €5,000) including baseline XML Structure



Specific Contract Template



Baseline Hardware Specifications 



Mandatory General Requirements



Purchase Order Template



Letter of Engagement Template



Fees Schedule Template (Leasing)



Fees Schedule Template (Purchasing)

2 22/03/2022

Templates Change Control

14 29/04/2024


Information Sessions

MITA will be organizing Information Sessions with the scope of providing an overview of the DPS procedure, including the application and selection process for Economic Operators, and how specific contracts are issued by Contracting Authorities. These Sessions will be of particular interest to Economic Operators who supply the equipment and consumables related to this DPS, and to Public Procurers who intend to procure related equipment and consumables in the near future.


Session 1: 10:00am of Thursday 12th March 2020 at MITA Data Centre, Triq il-Ferrovija, Santa Venera, Malta - click here to download the presentation.

Session 2: 10:00am of Monday 15th June 2020 (Public Procurers) - online (click here for more information - registration is now closed) - click here to download the presentation, or view it from the link below.


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