Open calls for tenders published by Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) are available on the Government of Malta's Electronic Public Procurement System (EPPS).


Economic operators interested in participating in the tenders are to register in the system. Maltese-registered companies and individuals may use their personal or Organisation electronic ID (e-ID) to participate in competitive bidding using the EPPS. They may also activate an account directly on EPPS. Non-Maltese Economic Operators may likewise activate an account on EPPS. In all cases, registration is free.


Unregistered tenderers may obtain all tender documentation and information, and may still work on tender preparation pending their account to be verified and activated by the Department of Contracts. An active EPPS account is however required in order for tenderers to be able to submit their tender offers. For this reason, Economic Operators are encouraged to obtain their personal and organisation's e-ID, or register directly on EPPS early so as to avoid encountering difficulties or unnecessary delays when responding to public procurement calls.


Economic Operators may peruse the Frequently Asked Questions Section of the EPPS which contains very useful information on issues such as:

·       The Electronic Public Procurement System at a glance   

·       What are the Minimum System Requirements?        

·       Guidelines for Economic Operators

·       How to register for the personal and organisation e-ID

·       How to register Maltese Sole Traders, Consortia and Joint Ventures

·       Online Registration

·       Password resetting

·       Searching for Calls for Tenders (CfTs)

·       Configure tender alerts

·       How to download tender documents

·       Working with compressed files

·       Making use of the Tender Preparation Tool

·       Compiling, Verifying, Packing and Submitting an e-Tender

·       Viewing Summary of Tenders Received

·       Information on the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV)    

·       Glossary of Terms


The EPPS Economic Operator’s User Manual provides a more comprehensive guidance on how to make use of the EPPS from a tenderer’s perspective.


Click here for information on how to register for an e-ID.

Click here for information on the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD).