Tender Ref: T071/21
IT Equipment
Publication date: 18/11/2021
Deadline for Submission of Tender: 17/11/2026

This DPS is being established to enable the procurement of workstations for the Government of Malta.

MITA shall be administering the DPS and evaluating those economic operators that meet the eligibility and selection criteria to be admitted to the DPS.

MITA shall be the sole Contracting Authority that can issue Specific Contracts through this DPS as a Central Purchasing Body. Through these Specific Contracts, MITA will procure workstations in an aggregated manner, on behalf of other Bodies governed by Public Law.

The first stage of this DPS (establishment and admission of economic operators) shall be regulated by the General Rules Governing Dynamic Purchasing Systems. The second stage of this DPS (issuance of Specific Contracts) shall be regulated by the General Rules Governing Tenders.

Each individual Specific Contract will define the particular needs in terms of the supplies being required. The Specific Contract shall also detail any particular conditions related for the execution of supplies.

All admitted participants to the DPS shall be invited to tender for each specific contract, in line with the provisions of the General Rules Governing Dynamic Purchasing Systems.

Through the Specific Contracts issued under this DPS, the following supplies may be procured:
1. Laptops
2. Desktop Computers
3. Workstation Monitors

Each Specific Contract issued through this DPS would specify the particular requirements including the minimum technical specifications (including those related to Green Public Procurement obligations), quantities and delivery timeframes related to that particular Specific Contract.

All supplies procured through this DPS shall follow the minimum properties as detailed in the GMICT Policy on Workstations applicable at the time of publication of Specific Contract. This Policy can be viewed from the URL:

Each Specific Contract will also detail any particular warranty requirements, as well as any particular level of after-sales service required, including minimum number of suitable resources and their relative level of education.

The DPS shall remain established until the 17 November 2026.

The maximum estimated value of the specific contracts envisaged for the total term of this DPS shall not exceed €10,000,000 (excluding VAT).

The maximum individual value of each specific contract shall not exceed two million Euro (€2,000,000) exclusive of VAT.

Link to the Electronic Public Procurement System (EPPS):


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