The mission statement of the Finance and Contracts Department (FCD) is to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the Agency. This is within the context that the Agency continues to invest in its intellectual property, technology, and human resources to keep them current and healthy. FCD is also responsible to enable the Agency to reap the maximum value from its procurement activities while adhering to the Public Procurement Regulations.

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of FCD are various:

  • Finance: To set and establish financial policies, financial plans and manage the overall accounting, treasury, financial reporting of MITA. This includes managing internal controls to mitigate risk; creating and presenting financial status and financial condition reports to internal and external parties, ensuring that the official accounting records of the Agency are upto-date and accurate; safeguarding the assets of the Agency to minimize risk of financial loss; and developing and maintaining robust costing systems and reporting tools to provide high-quality financial information that supports the Agency's strategic management initiatives.
  • Performance Monitoring: To execute business monitoring activities and ensuring that project management procedures are adhered to, and to provide support to management. To operate a financial reporting framework to monitor all MITA external and internal projects and services on a monthly basis.
  • Sourcing: To ensure that all MITA’s procurement adheres with the Public Procurement Regulations and MITA’s Internal Authorisation Levels, and provide guidance in the publishing, evaluation and award of tenders, ensuring that these are in line with the Public Procurement Regulations and the Internal Authorisation Levels. To ensure that all tenders within MITA are issued through the eprocurement system implemented in Government.
  • Legal: To ensure that MITA effectively fulfils its legal obligations in respect to relevant national and EU-related legislation To add value to MITA and the public sector at large through its legal knowledge and competence
  • Contracts Monitoring: To manage and administer the contracts database, monitor adherence to contractual obligations, escalate contractual issues